Frosty polish | With a classic shadow effect in which the colors fade
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With a classic shadow effect in which the colors fade

Manicure making process:

Step 1
The sponge that is used to apply the powder is cut by half and briefly dip in the water before use. In this way you will prevent too much light absorption. Apply a matte white nail in one layer on nails and let it dry.
“Try to play with nail varnishes, omnivorous and with the finest shades”

2. Step
To achieve a uniform shading effect, select three contrasting nail polish colors. Apply the first varnish in the brightest shade in a single brush stroke to the bottom of the sponge, then make the same with the remaining two shades, keeping one over the other evenly applied to the sponge.
Step 3
Tap the sponge with the applied varnishes gently on the surface of the nail, repeat this procedure twice to fill all the gaps. Repeat the application of varnish on the sponge before moving to another nail.

Step 4
Leave it easy to drip and finally finish the varnish with a colorless finish that will shine the effect on the nails to give a glow.

Step 5
Remove excess nail varnish by using the earmuffs that you have previously soaked in acetone and your trendy umbrella manicure is ready to ‘go’.

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