Frosty polish | The nail gelling procedure is in several steps
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The nail gelling procedure is in several steps

1. The first thing I do with a stick to move the skin around my nail is to push it down so that gel can come closer as soon as possible, and remove any suntan and dry skin that can be created around the nail.

If you had nail polish before splitting, with special pliers, shorten the nails to the desired length to make less work;)
2. Gel never puts on a brilliant nail!

It is very important that your natural nail does not strike too hard because it can be very painful. No need to exaggerate! For this procedure enough nail is only matched with a pole block to remove the glow and the gel received without later losing. (especially pay attention to the edges and nails of the nail.

– If you put the needles, they are glued with a special glue, after which the transition between the nail in the tip with a slight scratch is balanced and also the nail and tip remains the same, until it is almost unproductive.

3. After nailing the nail, the line comes with water that absorbs moisture on the nail, and looks like a transparent, watertight texture that equals and soothes, waits for it to drip, so it can go on. Although I used to rub my nails with alcohol.

4. The first layer of base gel is on the line although I use 3u1 gel. It is applied in a thin layer, trying to get closer to the nail skin, but it should not be touched at all, because if that happens, it will later be a gel to make up for it. I hold each layer in the lamp for 3 minutes.

5. The next step is to apply another layer of gel (I apply my transparent 3u1 again or if you do not have this gel). In this step it is very important to pay attention to the key points on the nail. This is likely to be unclear, but once you make your nails one or two times, you will understand what I’m talking about. 😉 So the key points on the nail are places on both sides of the nail where the nail bends when you press the tip of the nail .. these two nail points in this step have to be strengthened so that the nail does not shoot, which can be very painful.

After that I applied this transparent gel with gold particles and shingles also in the thin layer I was still sitting there and there that golden sliver.

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