Frosty polish | Investigation Of Preparing
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Investigation Of Preparing

I used the following:

Essence french manicure top coat
acrylic colors
brushes for nail art
nail decoration

As a base I used a simple lace for a French manicure because I wanted to achieve a look of gelatine nails.

Then I painted acrylic paint and a flat brush with a “one stroke” technique. “One stroke” technique is an old technique that has only recently been used to decorate the nail and allows to illustrate the desired image in a single stroke. Acrylic colors are water based paint and are very practical because they allow mistakes, unlike nail polish. Namely, if you make a mistake, dip the bladder into the water and with one paint brush disappear with the nail. Of course, acrylic colors can not be placed directly on the nail, it is imperative to put at least the base lacquer.

I put the petals in a black acrylic paint with the help of a thin brush. In the end, I added dots and every nail of two diamonds. I forgot to mention that I just covered two nails, one on the thumb and on the ring. As always, in the end I come over and I used Essence Better than gel nails top coat here.

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