Frosty polish | How to make nails alone? Do you need nail accessories?
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How to make nails alone? Do you need nail accessories?

Clean your nails well. To soften the skin coat, put your fingertips in the water for five minutes. If your nails are a cubic shape, do not fight it, just knock them in the dice. The length of your nail depends on your quality and on your time options to keep them, because the nails are often discolored. Spread your nail to your nails by looking at each other’s side by comparing the lengths that all of them are equal. Press the spatula with a spatula and cut the excess with the scissors. Be careful not to tax.

Smooth off the nail plate with a polishing polish. Now the nails are ready for varnishing. First apply the basic varnish, allow it to dry, then apply a nail polish that you have chosen, then apply a three minute break between the varnish.

Leave the nails ten minutes to dry. Apply a lacquer that gives a special glow. To maintain such a nail, repeat the procedure every two to three days. If your minds are still bad, visit a beautician and ask for his care and advice.

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