Frosty polish | How to make a matte nails at home?
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How to make a matte nails at home?

One of the most up-to-date trends in manicure is certainly matte nails.
Mat nails or lacquers have been hit for a while among members of the sexiest sex, but did you know that you can make them yourself at home?

Kill some nail varnish in the bowl and add some corn starch into it. Mix the ingredients with the toothpick and apply the applicator immediately to the nail in a slightly thicker layer and leave to dry. After you touch the last nail, apply the applicator immediately to the nail polish remover.

Prepare a boiling pot with hot water and close the pair of risers rising from the pot at a distance of 10 centimeters. And that’s it!

Required Ingredients:
transparent nail polish, mixing bowl, toothpick and matte eyeshadow.

Procedure: Apply a matte eye shadow to the bowl or rub it into powder if it is in the stone. Blend the opaque on the shade and mix the ingredients well with the toothpick. Apply your nail to the applicator and leave it to dry. After use, clean the applicator with the help of nail polish remover.

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