Frosty polish | Do it alone chocolate nails – the Japanese Way
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Do it alone chocolate nails – the Japanese Way

In fact, when you do what you love every day, you are so beautiful, beautiful!
Today I bring you a very special nail art design. Chocolate.
I recommend it to all the chefs. It’s a wonderful chocolate when it’s melted in your mouth, but nails are full of hints – So let’s make chocolate nails in Japanese
They also look great on natural, short nails but can also be made with gel-like gel.

Apply nail polish in 2-3 finger layers on the fingertip of the small finger and forefinger depending on the quality of the lacquer. The color should be full, white lime.
Apply a light blue glow on the dome. Apply a nail polish to the middle finger and thumb nail.
When it is easy to dry, all nails move with Mat Finish Finish.
Save a toothbrush – a stargate, at least I call it, and I’m not creative enough for thirty to find an adequate name in Serbian. Beat your bristle with 3-4 long hairs and it will be great for you.

With your fingertip, pull out the quick brush, brush straight 7-8 lines in different directions.
On your mid-finger and thumbnail, pull out a ten-pointed line of light gray light on one side of my nails – I’ve chosen the outside of my nails.
Apply a dozen lines to the fingertip of the forefinger using a light cream paint brush stoppers.
On the fingernail in the middle of the finger in the middle, do the 9 point handles: gold, bra and white.
Do not put any finishing nail on one nail.
That would be it. Enjoy chocolates with praline, bonbons, chocolate nails.
Another phenomenal Japanese nail art design you will find here.

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